55. Ancient Scientific Texts of India

The wisdom of Vedas had evolved into various systems of knowledge. Each system of knowledge is called a Sastra. The sages of yore systematically organized that knowledge into Grantha(texts).

Given below are few Sanskrit texts, which reveal the knowledge about various applied sciences and arts:

  1. Akshara-Laksha
  2. Sabda Sastra
  3. Lakshana Sastra
  4. Kanya-Lakshana Sastra
  5. Sakuna Sastra
  6. Supa-Sastra
  7. Malinee Sastra
  8. Kala Sastra
  9. Samudrika Sastra
  10. Dhatu Sastra
  11. Visha Sastra
  12. Chitra Karma Sastra
  13. Malla Sastra
  14. Parakaya Pravesha
  15. Aswa Sastra
  16. Gaja Sastra
  17. Ratna Pariksha
  18. Mahendrakjala Sastra
  19. Shakti Tantra
  20. Soudamini Kala
  21. Megha Sastra
  22. Yantra Sastra
  23. Sthapatya Vidya

Other technological treatise:

  1. Ayurveda
  2. Dhanur Veda
  3. Gandharva Vedas
  4. Artha Sastra

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