3. Many Apples Had Fallen Before Newton's Gravity Laws

Let us get into the fact...

Surya Sidhantha, the classical Indian Astronomical text says "because of the dharanatmika sakti, Earth is standing firm in the space without falling away

      (Surya Sidhantha 12th chapter 32 sloka)

Varahamihira (6th century AD) had said "it is an experience of everyone that on any part of the earth, that the flames of the fire go up and the objects that were thrown up fall down

      (Pancha Sidhanthi, 13th chapter 4th sloka)

Bhaskaracharya (11th century AD), the famous Indian mathematician in his text "Leelavathi" explains, Earth has guruthvakarsna sakti (Gravitational force). Due to mutual attraction between the planets, they (planets) are able to hold themselves firmly in space.

In his other text, "Siddhantha Shiromani," Bhaskaracharya reveals that, "Earth naturally attracts every object in the space towards itself. Because of this attracting force, all objects fall on the earth. When there is balance in attraction among planets where would they fall?

      (Siddhantha Shiromani, Bhuvanakosa, sixth sloka)

Jagad Guru Sri Adi Sankara in his commentary on Prasna Upanishad had said, "as earth attracts the up going (thrown up) objects, so do the ever elevating, Pranasakti in the body, is being pulled down by the Apanasakti.

      (Commentary of Adi Sankara for 3CH-8th sloka of Prasnopanishad)


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