84. History's First Atomic Explosion at Harrappa

It was 1920 AD, Archeologists excavated a great civilization called Indus valley civilization at the ruins of Harrappa and Mohen-jo-daro (now in Pakistan).

World stood in awe & wonder by seeing the grandeur of advanced civilization and technology that existed 5000 years ago.

Eternal Indian talents are echoed in every excavated brick that stood for thousands of centuries. The underground drainage system that prevailed during those times, the town planning skills that were possessed by the citizens of these cities only reverberate the heights achieved by the ancient Indian genius.

But archeologists and many scientists were equally surprised to learn the facts about the sudden collapse or destruction of these mighty cities of great civilization.

Two European scientists Davneport and Vencenti put forward an amazing theory. They concluded that the cities had been ruined due to a nuclear explosion.

They found big stratums of clay & green glass. Similar layers of green glass can be found in Nevada and other deserts where nuclear explosions are tested.


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