101. Avadhanam - The Language Gymnastics

Indian literary genius manifests itself in a language feat called "Avadhanam". After Sanskrit, most of the Indian languages have adopted this exposition of literary talent called Avadhanam. It is a very popular literary feat in Telugu & other regional languages.

The concentrated mind gets focused on a particular aspect. If the poetic mind gets concentrated on many aspects simultaneously it is called Avadhanam. If a poet is able to concentrate fully on the eight varied aspects of literature, then it is called Ashta-Avadhanam. The poet or person who does this feat is called Avadhani. Other Scholars who pose questions on the various aspects of the language are called "Pruchyakas". The Avadhani answers all the questions posed by each Pruchyaka. If there are one hundred Pruchyakas it is called Sata-Avadhanam. If there are 1000 Pruchyakas, then it is called Shasra-Avadhanam.


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