11. Ayurveda - A Therapeutical Treasure

Knowledge of Ayurveda had descended from Lord Brahma to Prajapati, from Prajapati to Ashwini Kumars, from them to Indra to Bharadwaj, from him to Atreya, and to his disciples Agnivesha, Khela, Harita and others. Over a period of time it got divided into two schools of thought 1. Atreya Parampara 2. Dhanvantari Parampara.

In Atreya parampara, kaya-chikitsa (medicine/bodily treatment) is given prime importance. The famous text of this school of thought is Charaka Samhita, named after the famous physician, Charaka..

In Dhanvantari parampara saly-chikitsa (Surgery) also had been dealt with. In the line of surgery Sushruta is considered to be an authority and the famous treatise is Sushtruta Samhita, written by him.

Indian medical science had linked human thoughts to human health and evolved the therapeutical knowledge ages ago; the purer and positive the thoughts, the better the health.


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