78. India, The China's Teacher

Lin Yutang (1895-1976) author of The Wisdom of China and India (p3-4): says "India was China's teacher in religion and imaginative literature, and the world’s teacher in Trignometry, quandratic equations, grammar, phonetics, Arabian Nights, animal fables, chess, as well as in philosophy, and that she inspired Boccaccio, Goethe, Herder, Schopenhauer, Emerson, and probably also old Aesop.”

Hu Shih, (1891-1962), was a Chinese philosopher in the Republican China. He was an Ambassador to the US (1938-42) and Chancellor of Peking University (1946-48). He said:

"India conquered and dominated China culturally for two thousand years without ever having to send a single soldier across her border".

The Sanskrit name for China is "Cina". Sir Rene Grousset, a French historian, says, the name China comes from Sanskrit name for the regions of the east.

Many other scholars clearly mention that the Chinese word for lion, shih, used long before the Chin dynasty, was derived from the Sanskrit word, Simha, and that the Greek word for China, Tzinista, used by some later writers, appears to be derivative of the Sanskrit Chinasthana.

Making of Soaps, Toiletries, Perfumes & other drugs require highly advanced knowledge of Chemistry.

Indian Textiles were dyed using vegetable colour and by making suitable chemical treatment, which had attracted Europeans to come to India. The finest clothes of world are produced in India; the skills of dyeing them require advanced chemical knowledge.

Indians used mercury as divine medicine. It was used in many Ayurvedic preparations. Mercury was subjected to 18 types of chemical purification processes, before it was used as medicine. Iron Pillar at Delhi stands tall as a testimonial for Indian metallurgical marvel and superiority of chemical Knowledge.

The father of modern Indian Chemistry, Sri Prafulla Chandra Ray, had done an extensive research in the History of evolution of Indian Chemical knowledge.


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