9. Comets

A train of light rarely appears in the sky. It is called as "Dhuma-ketu" by ancient Indians. Today we call it, Comet. The word "Comet" in Latin means the one that has long hairs. The Western world never had knowledge about these comets till Edmond Halley in the year 1759 pioneered the study about the comets.

The ancient Indian Astronomical texts dealt with the knowledge of comets very extensively. They are (1) Bhrhat vimana sastra written by Bharadwaj (2) Agastya's sakti tantra (3) Jaimini's keta sarvasa.

In Agastya's sakti tantra, the names of Twelve Comets are given. It had been mentioned that during rainy season the potency of comets would be very high.

Vimana Sastra says that the Comets are formed because of Sun burning certain objects in it's vicinity, please do not forget the word "Dhuma" in Sanskrit means smoke or gases. The modern knowledge about the comets also concurs with that.


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