17. Copper Shields Our Health

Today, we prefer bottled mineral water, of course! Cleaned and purified. We often purchase purified, potable water and drink it. We take this precaution to protect ourselves from ill health, which is often caused by contaminated water or impure water. This health tip is not just modern, but known to Indians ages ago. They knew the technique of purifying water and preserving it.

Ancient Indians used copper and brass vessels to purify and store water. Today after indepth investigations, it has been found that, the sunlight that falls on the copper vessels instantly eliminates microbes present in the water by a chemical reaction.

Rob Reed, a London based Micro-Biologist had verified this fact by filling the copper, plastic and earthen vessels with Escherichia coli bacteria which causes diseases like dysentery etc. After 24 hours bacteria in copper vessels got dramatically reduced and at the end of 48 hours there were no traces of bacteria in copper vessels. On the other hand, the bacteria in the plastic and earthen vessels got increased substantially.

Today, Indian star hotels serve rich delicacies and doubly purified water in copper vessels.


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