14. Benefiting from the Cow

On June 2003, American patent office had given patent to "Go-Muthram" (cow-urine) as an antibiotic in curing diseases like Tuberculosis and cancer. This product had been patented by Nagpur NGO "Go-vignana Ansundhana kendram".

Ancient Indians had indepth knowledge of "Panchagavya chikitsa" including cow urine therapy. But, for centuries modern medicine had considered the cow urine therapy as a primitive practice of blind beliefs. Medical fraternity had woken up recently to the reality and started recognizing the potential therapeutic value of Cow products.

Indians worship cow as holy mother. Indian Cow is respected as the embodiment of all divine forces. Gifting a cow is considered to be the greatest of all charities. During the performance of yagnas and yagas, Cow & Cow products are very essential. Indian culture has placed cow in the sacred position of "Kamadhenu" (the wish fulfilling holy Diety). Vedas, Puranas and Itihasas, all adore the sanctity and utility of cow in many ways. Holy cow and Indian life have a sacred bondage. Rigveda says that killing a cow is the greatest of all crimes.

In modern times, the first Indian war of Independence (Sepoy mutiny) in the year 1857 had its roots in the sacrilege made to Cow. Lord Krishna being a cowherd is dear to millions and millions of devoted hearts.

In preparation of Ayurvedic medicines, the Pancha Gavyas (Five cow products) are used very extensively. The Panchagavyas are (1) Cow Milk (2) Curd (3) Ghee (4) Urine (5) Cow Dung.

In the famous Ayurvedic texts like Charaka, Sushruta and Vagbhatta Samhitas, Pancha Gavyas are used to cure skin diseases, urinary problems, kneejoint pains and ulcers.


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