36. World's First Constructed Dam

World's first dam was constructed in India. Even today, this dam is able to store water and regulate water. This dam remains today as a testimony for our ancient engineering expertise.

The name of this ancient dam is called "Kallanai Dam". It was built in 1st century AD across the river Cauvery in Tamilnadu of South India. This dam is located 48 kms away from the temple town Tanjavur.

The height of the dam is 320 meters and width is 60 meters. The important feature of this dam is that no binding materials like limestone or cement were used. It was constructed by the method of interlocking the granite stones.

Karikala Chola, who ruled the province during the 1st century AD, built this dam.

Even today, water stored and collected at this dam is being used for agriculture.

Sudarshan Jalasayam, the oldest man-made reservoir built during 4th BC, in the region of today's Gujarat, reminds us of the ancient Indian expertise in civil works.


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