38. Technique of predicting earth quakes


Can 21st century's scientists predict earthquakes? Not surely. They are making sincere attempts to forecast the forthcoming catastrophes.

An American scientist of Chinese origin, who lives in California, Mr. Zhonghao Shou had been doing experiments to predict earthquakes for the past fifteen years.

He had found the technique of identifying the clouds in the sky before the advent of earthquakes. Clouds in the sky appear in mysterious shapes. So far he had predicted 39 earthquakes.

In the 5th century BC, Varahamihira, an ancient Indian Astronomer and Mathematician had mentioned the above fact in his famous encyclopaedia work, "Bhrhat-samhita". The thirty-second chapter of this book deals with various ways of predicting earthquakes.

According to Varahamihira, there would be fanciful clouds in the sky, seven days before the earthquake. He has even classified the various types of earthquakes and the related cloud formations.

He had analyzed the planetary influence and under ground water's disappearance before the advent of earthquake. He had even analyzed the abnormal behaviour of birds and domestic animals days before the earthquake. The information and knowledge about the earthquakes that lie latent in the book shall save the lives of millions, if an earthquake is predicted in time.


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