56. Indian Elephant Dancing its way to become an Economic Super Power

"Angus Maddison, a Cambridge historian, has estimated that in 1700, India and China, each had a share of world income of about 23%, about the same as Europe's. By 1950, Europe's had increased to around 30%, China's had fallen to around 5%, and India's had collapsed to just 3.8%. This decline is now beginning to be reversed. Rapid growth - witnessed first in China 25 years ago and more recently in India - suggests that both countries are on the way to reclaiming their rightful places in the world economy"

              Dr. Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister of India

              (In an article published by Wall Street Journal-Jan 27, 2006)

According to the reports and analysis prepared by world's reputed financial analysts Mckinsey & Goldman Sachs, India shall be a major economic force in the world by the years 2020-50.

Indian National Income
Fourth largest economy in the world according to purchasing power parity estimations.

Today we are exporting to 175 countries.

Stock Market
Bombay stock exchange is the second biggest stock exchange of the world.
Third important investment destination.
BSE Index crossing 19,000 points is a world record.

Bank Deposits
Largest banking system of the world with 70,000 branches.

Indian Middle Class
Middle class growing stronger day by day.
World's largest middle class.
The average age of 54% of Indians is less than 25 years. So India is a very youthful country.
In India on an average 30 lakh graduates pass out every year.
Around five lakh engineers graduate every year.

India stands today as a country of largest cultivable area.
India stands first in production of rice & wheat.

India is the largest producer of fruits in the world with production of 47.5 million tons.
10% of world's fruit production is produced from India.
India occupies second position in the export of fruits.

India occupies the first position in the production of milk.
India stands 5th in rank regarding production of eggs.

India stands sixth in rank regarding the production of fish.
India occupies seventh position in meat production.

Commercial Crops
India occupies first position in production of commercial crops like sugarcane, cotton, jute etc.

India stands first in tea production and first in Tea consumption.
After independence India has achieved a growth rate of 25%.

In the production of commercial vehicles India stands fifth in world ranking.
India occupies the first position in the manufacture of automobile spares.

Indian pharma industry occupies the third position in terms of production.

India cell phone consumers are growing at the rate of sixty percent.

Electricity and other basic Infrastructure
In power generation India occupies the fifth position in the world.
World's biggest railway network with 63000 kms of rail route.

India cell phone consumers are growing at the rate of sixty percent.

Textile Industry
Indian textile industry occupies the first position in textile trade.
In the segment of ready-made garments manufacture and exports, India occupies the first position.

India produces the maximum number of films every year.
No other country in the world has as many cinema halls as India has today.

India stands first in cutting and polishing of diamonds.
90% of diamonds unearthed in the world come to India for cutting & polishing.
Gold consumption in India is highest after USA.

IT Facts
India is becoming the number one IT Hub of the world.
There is a growth of 25% to 30% every year in this industry.
Today, India occupies the first position in BPO services.


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