32. Evolution theory-Animal-Human-God or reverse, Which is true?

Life in the creation began from the minutest uni-cellular organisms, which evolved into multi-cellular organisms, then into flora and fauna and finally from monkeys, human beings evolved. This is the story of evolution we read in our textbooks.

Modern theory of evolution is called Darwin theory of evolution. According to it

1. There is variety in every species of life.
2. All the living beings compete with each other, to utilize limited available resources.
3. The species capacitated to reproduce more alone shall thrive.
4. In a species, genetic features get transmitted from one generation to another.
5. Natural selection and survival of the fittest are the main reasons for evolution of one species to another.

This theory was propounded by Darwin in the year 1850, through his famous book "The Origin of Species". It had created sensation and became popular instantly. It had changed the face of "science of Biology". The words "Natural selection", "Survival of the fittest" and "struggle for existence" became the words of Mantra.

But there were many criticisms against this theory. During 1930, a new theory called neo Darwinism came into being. With the discovery of DNA, in 1970, the biological science had taken a new turn and a new branch called called Molecular Biology evolved. Study of Genes and Genetic code became the main function of it. Between 2000-2004, the Genomes had been classified and experiments such as cloning are being conducted.

"From perfection every thing manifested and everything merges again into perfection and perfection alone remains." this is the central theme of Indian evolution.

The Bharat-Vishnu Purana states that there are around 84,00,000 species in the creation

1. Sthavara - 20,00,000 species of non-mobile plants
2. Jalachara - 9,00,000 species of aquatic creatures
3. Kurmas - 9,00,000 species of amphibian and reptiles
4. Pakshi - 10,00,000 species of birds
5. Pashu - 30,00,000 species of other creatures such as animals etc.
6. Vanaras - 4,00,000 species of anthropoids (Vanaras)
7. Manushya - 2,00,000 varieties of human beings come into being

The modern concepts of Genetic Engineering, cloning, do find a place in Indian literature, like puranas and yoga sutras of Patanjali.

Internal nature is the main reason for evolution from one species to another.

Patanjali declares in the next sutra that,

"The change of the body from one species to another is caused by the inflowing of the jiva's nature. Good and bad deeds are not the direct causes of its transformation. They act as breakers of obstacles to the inflow of nature, just as a farmer breaks down obstacles in a water course to let water flow of itself."

In Bhagvatam there is a verse describing human evolution lucidly,

"Cosmic Being manifests itself as creation. Trees, aquatic beings, insects, reptiles, animals, birds, germs and all the species of living beings got manifested. But the consciousness never manifested in full in all of the above species. Hence human being was created. Through human being there is an opportunity to manifest that perfection"


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