85. Inventing Gun Powder

The Chinese work of 1044 AD Wu-ching tsung-yao gives the earliest gunpowder formula in any civilization. Historians say so. Some of them also say that, during 1400 AD, Indians learnt the art of making gunpowder from the Chinese.

But, the truth seems to be different. There are many evidences to substantiate the fact that Indian knowledge about the Gunpowder, dates back to centuries before the birth of Christ.

Indians called gunpowder as "Agni Churnam".

The Agnichurna or Gunpowder was composed of 4 to 6 parts of saltpeter, open part of sulphur, and one part of Charcoal of Arka, Sruhi and other trees burnt in a pit and reduced to powder. Here is certain evidence of the ancient rockets giving place to actual guns in warfare. From the description of the composition of gunpowder, the composition of the SukraNiti can be dated at the pre-Gupta age.

Letters written by Alexander to Aristotle say "Indians have showered the rain of fire on our armies".


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