12. Hridayam - for Healthy Heart Beats

Williams Harway, (1628 AD) a British scientist, had found that heart is essential for blood circulation, but could not describe how blood reaches the heart and flows from it. In the year 1669 a scientist named Marcello Malphigi clearly described how blood flows into Heart and comes out of it.

Now let us hear the echoes of ancient Indian heartbeats and its hearty revelations.

Satapatha Brahmana of Yajur Veda, had defined Hridayam (the heart) as under,

"Hru" means "harinay" (that receives)

"Da" means "daanay" (that gives)

"Ya" means "engathow" (that circulates)

That which receives (blood), gives and circulates is called Hridayam.

Sushruta says,

"Heart diseases are caused because of "Kapha" and "Pita" doshas (defects) and thus thickening and narrowing of coronary arteries resulting in acute pain in the Chest and difficulty in breathing."

Charaka says,

"Those who want to preserve "Ojas" and maintain heart in good condition should be away from mental worries and should exhibit self-restraint in diet and should consume the medicines that increase vital principle (ojas) and blood circulation. For healthy Heartbeats, meticulous efforts are to be made to obtain tranquility with awareness & wisdom."

Indian traditional medical knowledge had rightly recognized the preventive measures for the Heart diseases ages ago and advised suitably to exercise self-restraint and adopt moderate food habits and a composed mindset.


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