40. A Metallurgical Marvel - Delhi Iron Pillar

Iron pillar located in the compound of Kutubminar, Delhi, is a metallurgical marvel and stands today as the tallest evidence of Indian talents and Indian genius.

Standing firm on the ground to the test of time for past 1500 years, taking heat, storm, thunder into its stride, the Iron pillar never rusted an inch in its marathon innings.

The height of this Iron pillar is 7.5 metres, and 40 cm in diameter, six tones in weight. This marvel seems to have been manufactured during the time of Gupta Kings.

Buddha's bronze statue found in Bihar, never rusted an inch and stood the test of time for more than 2000 years.

The two metallic monumental remnants that appear before us today, speak volumes about the advanced metallurgical knowledge prevailing in ancient India. Great chemical legends like Nagarjuna and others had contributed immensely to this science of metals. Alchemy of Arabs was inspired by the Indian skills of converting ordinary metals into gold.


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