96. Jyotish-The Science Of Light

"Jyotish", is one among the Vedangas. The knowledge of Jyotish had originated for performing the Vedic yagnas or Vedic sacrifices. The term "Jyoti" means light. The word "Jyotish Sastra" means the knowledge about light. But unfortunately it is being used today as the knowledge to know the future. Jyotish Sastra is a wonderful science. Foretelling the future events is a small part of the oceanic science of light.

Modern science describes the distance between the planets in terms of light years. Light year means distance travelled by the light in one year. If we are able to see in the sky, the light emitted from that star takes hundreds and thousands of years to reach us on earth.

Similarly ancient Indians took the sun's light as the basis to find the planetary motions and scaled the eternal time. By measuring the light, they evolved the system of time and its calculations. They even estimated with precision, favourable time and unfavourable time, natural calamities and catastrophes. By co-relating the planetary movements with human behaviour on the earth, they predicted the future events of human life.


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