49. Underwater City Of Lord Krishna

Dwaraka, the once fabulous city built and dwelt in by Lord Krishna exists today. It is visible to us now, as underwater ruins.

In the Mahabharata, Masala-parva, Arjuna describes the drowning of the city in the following words,

"Gushing waves of the sea, suddenly stormed Dwaraka. Water flashed into the streets, dashing beautiful buildings. Every mighty mansion of that wonderful city was razed to ground like a falling pack of cards, the devastation was total, I have seen with my eyes, the complete submergence of everything into the sea; Today Dwaraka exists only in name; as a sweet memory in our minds"

After Krishna's departure to the holy abode of Vaikuntha, the city perished. Then the domain of "Kali-yuga" began. Vishnu Purana says so.

Dwaraka is one among the four Divya Dhamas, a devout Hindu should visit. The remaining three are Puri, Badrinath and Rameswaram. Today, one can locate Dwaraka, the city of Krishna in the state of Gujarat, on the banks of Gomati river, on its confluence with sea.

Undersea excavations conducted between the years 1983 and 1990 had brought forth various hidden facts into light. The archeologists had discovered an under water city hidden deep in the sea, from a distance of half a kilometer from the sea.


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