6. Measuring The Speed Of Light

Ancient Indians knew about the speed of light. In fact they calculated it accurately. But the Western world says that, "Romar" had first estimated it in the year 1675. To substantiate the Indian version, let us observe the sayanacarya's commentary on Vedas, which was written in 14th century A.D.

(Rig Veda 1.50.4)

For the above Rig Vedic sloka-verse he had written an explanation, revealing the speed of sunlight.

It means that the sunlight travels 2202 yojanas in half nimisha. Here yojana means 9.11 miles. According to traditional Indian calculations in one full day (including night) there are 8,10,000 half minutes. That means for one second there are 8/75 half minutes.

Then the speed of light should be 2202 x 9.11/(8/75)=1,88,064 miles per second.


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