43. Magnet & Its Varieties

Natural magnets are abundantly found in a place called Magnesia. It attracts Iron, deflects to north. Magnets can be either natural or artificial.

Ancient Indian books on chemical science reveal an extensive knowledge about magnets. In the book called Rasarnavatantra, ninety kinds of magnets have been mentioned. Among them there five major varieties :

1. Bramakam
2. Chumbukam
3. Karshakam
4. Dravakam
5. Romokam

Each of these five varieties had been further divided into six sub categories based on its side or surface like Ekamukha (single surface), Dwimukha (two sided), Trimukha (three sided), total coming to thirty types of magnets. Each of the above combinations is available in three colours like Yellow, Red and Black. All of the varieties including colour and facet combination are ninety in number.


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