93. Mantra Science & its Application

Mantra or sacred incantation is a gift from the scientific wisdom of India to the world. By receiving these sacred incantations (hymns), arrows were darted and diseases were also cured. With the help of mantras there are many welfare activities performed. Today in the modern medical world, the power of the mantra is best utilized as sound therapy.

Mantra nothing but a collection of sanctified sounds uttered for a specific purpose and fulfillment. It does have a meaning and it should be said in a proper cadence, rhythm, intonation and pitch with purity of heart.

It is not a mere collection of serene sounds. It is also a subtle science. Depending upon the user's intensity of feeling and accuracy of expression, the incantation gains efficacy and success. The gross body has no power, but the subtle mind is all powerful. It is the power of the mind that drives the body into action. This mind is a subtle body. In other words, subtle always governs the gross, like an elephant governed by, a puny person on its top.


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