44. Marconi's Wire "Less" Values

Twenty first century is a "wireless" century. Radios, TVs, cell phones, satellite communications and most recent blue tooth technologies are all the technological marvels that are working on the "Wireless Technology".

Our schoolbooks portray Marconi as the hero and the inventor of "Wireless Technology" or radio. We are told that in the year 1901, Marconi had transmitted the Morse code without using wires for the first time. He had transmitted them across the continents between England and Canada and became its inventor.

But truth seems to be different. A brilliant child of mother India, Jagadish Chandra Bose, the then professor of Physics, Presidency College, Calcutta, was its inventor. India is deprived of taking into its stride this greatest technological achievement of modern world. Today, we remember him for his achievement in Botany alone.

As early as 1885, J. C. Bose had demonstrated to the public of Calcutta about his technology. He had blasted the gunpowder and made the bell ring, which was one mile away from the place of demonstration. "Wireless" communication era was born in Calcutta from that moment. This demonstration had been reported in an international Magazine called "Electrician" during that time. Important British dignitaries also watched the J. C. Bose demonstrations at Calcutta.

On September 21st 1896, J. C. Bose delivered a lecture cum demonstration at Royal Institute, London on wireless transmission. Eminent scientists including Marconi were present in that session.

J. C. Bose, demonstrated before the scientist community at London, his instruments, mainly the instrument called Co-Herer by using Mercury as the conducting material and a telephone. Bose gave number of demonstrations in Europe and America regarding wireless technology.

In the year 1901, Marconi had patented the technology, used and demonstrated by J. C. Bose and became its inventor and owner. Many scientists had raised objections to this and asked Marconi about its important part called "Co-Herer". He told the world community that a friend called L. Solar gave it.

It seems that J. C. Bose had written a letter to Rabindranath Tagore, on May 17th 1901 from London. He wrote that a millionaire, who was the owner of a telegraph company, approached him and begged him to sell the "wireless technology" for 50% profit rights, by patenting the technology. At that instance, J. C. Bose was about to give a lecture in London and denied the proposal.


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