99. Musical Melody Of India

"Gitam vadhyamcha nirtyamcha triyam sangeetam uchhathe"

Lyrical melody, instrumental music & rhythmic dance; These three aspects put together become sangeet, the Art of Music.

Indian music originates from the Samaveda. The Samaveda had to be rendered in a musical way. Indians through their art of music could win over nature. Through music they used to cure many a disease. Animals are charmed and tamed by the power of music.

Indian music is classified into two schools, Hindustani (Northern India) & Carnatic (South India). During Vedic times or in Samaveda there is no mention about this division. This division prevailed from the 11th century AD. Hindustani music has more Persian influence and Mughal patronage during the medieval period.

There are many evidences to prove that seven notes of Indian music form the basis for Western classical music.

Indian Swara Western note
Shadja - Sa C
Rishabha - Ri D (flat)
D (sharp)
Gandhara - Ga E (flat)
E (sharp)
Madhyama - Ma F (flat)
F (sharp)
Panchama - Pa G (flat)
G (sharp)
Dhaivata - Da A (flat)
A (sharp)
Nishada - Ni B (flat)
B (sharp)


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