28. Hidden Knowledge In Nataraja's Cosmic Dance

The Idol of Nataraja has ubiquitous presence in all the houses, throughout the world, both in Indian and Western Homes.

Behind this dancing pose of Siva, there seems to be hidden secret. These words are not said by an ordinary person, but by a world-renowned professor of Nuclear physics, Fritj of Capra. He had explained the philosophy behind Nataraja's cosmic dance in his popular book "The Tao of Physics".

For a modern scientist of physics, Siva's dance appears as the dance of Atomic particles. The ancient Indian perspective about the world is nothing but the eternal cosmic dance of creation, sustenance and dissolution that happen with a rhythm. This is the root cause for everything.

According to Quantum theory of Physics, creation is full of atomic particles. Each particle has enormous energy latent in it. These particles are very dynamic in nature and change their form within split seconds.

Sub-Atomic particles have dual nature, some times they appear as particles sometimes they become continuous stream of energy. They often change from wave to particle and vice versa in a rhythm and eternally lose their existence.

Matter is nothing but a group of atomic particles. Particles move within it in a structural rhythm. Because of that, forms get created, forms get dissolved, forms grow and decay in a continuous way. In every change or more there is a rhythm in life, there is a beauty and harmony in this subtle change. It is a dance of cosmic life; forms appear, disappear and reappear, from the minutest particle to a gigantic star all are changing and are in a flux; dancing to the symphony of cosmic breath of life; dancing to the tunes of cosmic rhythm;

Fritj of Capra could see Siva's cosmic dance as the secret of creation. He interpreted Nataraja's dance in three facets:

1. The dynamic arch around Siva represents the ever-changing cosmic rhythm.
2. The cause for Siva's dance is for redemption of soul from the cosmic cycle.
3. The sacred space "Chidambaram" the platform of Siva's dance is in one's own heart. One has to be tuned to the cosmic dance of Siva, through this "Hridaya Akasha".


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