72. Panini's Logic & Computer Languages

Sanskrit is the oldest prevailing language; the mother of all languages. It is a perfect language, rather a perfected language; a language that invokes the divine ; an inexhaustible spiritual spring of inspiration. Indians called it as Devavani - the language of Gods.

The Most ancient language that remains eternally young & modern is Sanskrit. Eternal Vedas are revealed in that language; Modern computers adopt that language. Artificial intelligence inherits that language.

In a Masjid, located in the town called "Dhar" of Madhya Pradesh, the Archeological department had excavated a cave, which contained a temple of Saraswati, the Goddess of learning. On the walls of the temple, a big grammar chart and language rules of Panini had been chiseled. The temple seems to have been built during the King Bhoja's time.

Today the knowledge adorns the walls of the mosque. It remains unnoticed. Yet modern Indian brains, which dominate the domain of software development, had invoked the legacy of Paninianlogic.


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