66. Prophecies of Swami Vivekananda

Ages ago, a young Saint called Adi Shankara, travelled the length and breadth of India, redeemed the Sanatana Dharma from its decay. He had shown the world, the point of convergence of various schools of religious thoughts. That oceanic thought of confluence was Advaita philosophy.

In the Nineteenth Century, another young monk from India travelled the length and breadth of the globe and glorified the universal message of Sanatana Dharma, by redeeming the world from decay. He was Swami Vivekananda. His instrument was Advaita philosophy. He roared that India is the world's teacher.

Let us listen to Swami Vivekananda's own words about the emerging giant wave that restores the balance between peace & prosperity for global harmony & progress.

"Today, man requires one more adjustment on the spiritual plane; today when material ideas are at the height of their glory and power, today when man is likely to forget his divine nature, through his growing dependence on matter, and is likely to be reduced to a mere money-making machine, an adjustment is necessary; the voice has spoken, and the power is coming to drive away the clouds of gathering materialism.

The power has been set in motion, which, at no distant date, will bring unto mankind once more the memory of its real nature; and again the place from which this power will start will be Asia.

Machines never made mankind happy and never will make. He who is trying to make us believe this will claim that happiness is in the machine; but it is always in the mind. That man alone who is the lord of his mind can become happy, and none else. And what, after all, is this power of machinery? Why should a man who can send a current of electricity through a wire be called a very great man and a very intelligent man? Does not nature do a million times more than that every moment? Why not then fall down and worship nature? What avails it if you have power over the whole of the world, if you have mastered every atom in the universe? That will not make you happy unless you have the power of happiness in yourself, until you have conquered yourself.

Man is born to conquer nature, it is true, but the Occidental means by "nature" only physical or external nature. It is true that external nature is majestic, with its mountains, and oceans, and rivers, and with its finite powers and varieties. Yet there is a more majestic internal nature of man, higher than the sun, moon, and stars, higher than this earth of ours, higher than the physical universe, transcending these little lives of ours; and it affords another field of study."

Medieval India fell flat for one thousand years as a slave, when it ignored material prosperity. Swami Vivekananda foretells, modern India shall rise again by harmonizing two aspects-material and spiritual aspects and shines more glorious forever.


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