86. World's First Rocket Launches

We have substantial evidence to prove that in modern times, Indians are the first to fire rockets and missiles in the world.

Rockets helped the Mysore army to achieve a famous victory over the British in 1780. The army was led by Hyder Ali, a bold officer who had become the effective ruler of the Mysore state afterwards. The fortunes of the English in India had fallen to their lowest watermark, with this battle in the second Anglo-Mysore War.

Not many people know that the hero of Waterloo, Colonel Arthur Wellesley (1769-1852), who defeated Napolean at the famous battle of Waterloo (1815, had to run away from the battlefield, when attacked by the rockets and musket-fire of Tipu Sultan's army (Hyder Ali's son)

Tipu Sultan met a hero's end on 4th May while defending his capital Srirangapatnam. Along with the enormous loot another precious gift from India arrived in England. It was the Mysorean rocket, two specimens of which can still be seen in the Royal Artillery Museum, Woolwich Arsenal London.


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