95. The Samudrika Sastra - The Science Of Body Language

Face is the index of mind. We often use this adage. By seeing the face of a person we predict his wellbeing. Brilliance or dullness is indicated by the facial expressions. We analyze the face and often conclude about the person's state of mind and pour out questions about his health & welfare.

Some doctors diagnose a disease by looking at the body symptoms. Some look at the face to foretell the future. Some others read the thoughts by looking at us. Some others analyze our body gestures and reveal our character & personality. There is a science behind these interpretations. This knowledge had been wonderfully evolved by Indians ages ago and is called as Samudrika Sastra.

Legend says Samudra had revealed this Samudra Sastra, hence the name. Samudra had meticulously noted the indications and auspicious marks on the body of Lord Vishnu, when he was resting on Adisesha (serpent king) on the milky ocean (the abode of samudra). He had evolved his observations as knowledge and had passed it on to the later generation. Afterwards sages like Narada, Mandavya, Varaha and Kartikeya had developed this knowledge of body gestures and marks.

Today, bits and pieces of this knowledge are available to us. We also find its applications in traditional Sanskrit literature and Indian languages. Ramayana and Mahabharata do contain references of this knowledge.

Hasta Samudrikam:

Palmistry is a branch of Samudrika Sastra. But the hand reading or palmistry is an independent study, very popular throughout the world. By reading the lines on the palm, human character and man's future are predicted. It is a great mystic art globally mastered & admired. Today this science has become an effective tool in the hands of psychiatrists. Fingerprints & analysis had originated from Samudrika Sastra only. Today fingerprints are analyzed by police and used as an effective identification methodology.


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