48. Saraswati River & Once Glorious Civilization

Oh! Mother Saraswati,
You are the best among Mothers,
You are the best among Rivers,
You are the best among Gods & Goddesses.

Today, we don't find this river flowing anywhere in India. Western scholars misinterpreted the above fact and concluded that the Saraswati River mentioned in Vedas in a myth. Thereby they have belittled Vedas as mere poetic emotions and figurative literature. Some of these scholars went to the extent of calling the River Sindhu, as the river Saraswati.

River Saraswati is not a small river. Vedas refer to it as a mighty river. It had cultural links with Indians. Great civilizations might have flourished along its riverbanks. To know about this river is, to know about India's ancient lifestyle, culture and glory and of course its history.

To substantiate its presence as a river, one can consider the Vedic & Puranic references, Historic indications and modern research findings etc.

8000 to 10000 years ago, it was a mighty river. As mentioned in Rigveda it was one among the Sapta Sindhus. River Saraswati is not just one among the seven rivers, but the mother of all.

Hydrological evidence:

Saraswati River is often called as river of "saras" (river of pools). In the states of the Punjab, Sindh, Rajasthan and Gujarat, we find its palieo channel & hinterland. Even today one can trace many lakes, as evidence to its flow. Normally, in lakes no deposits of alluvial soil are found. The alluvial soil is found only at the riverbeds. But the lakes of these states, where its palieo channel had been identified, we find the alluvial soil deposits. This indicates that the River Saraswati still exists as under ground current.

Satellite's Pictures:

The pictures taken from space through the "Land set" satellites had clearly exposed the palieo channel of river saraswati. Originating from Himalayas, flowing westwards and northwest and then becoming river Gaggar, it merges with the sea at Rann of Kutch in Gujarat.

Archeological evidences:

Excavations along the river flow had unearthed the many ruins to indicate the existence of residential settlements and urban life along its valleys in the states of U.P., Rajasthan and the Punjab. These ruins had many similarities with Harrappan sites. Many of excavations indicate them to Pre-Harappan in their existence

Puranic references:

We find many a reference in the Mahabharata about the river saraswati. Balarama, the brother of Krishna, goes on pilgrimage to the various pilgrim centres located along the banks of Saraswati (Mahbhrata 3-88-118, 9-36-1, 3-130-4). In Anushasaka Parva of Mahabharata, we find that Kurukeshtra (the battlefield) was located to South of River Saraswati. (Ref:MB-AP-134-15)


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