97. Indian Sculpture & Painting

Indian art has evolved not mere entertainment, but for enlightenment. The pen of the Indian poet, the brush of the Indian painter, the chisel of the Indian sculptor, the dancing legs and singing voices of India, all stand focused on one centre, the divine Consciousness.

Music emitted from the granite pillars, courtesy the artistic exuberance of Indian sculptors. Every design, every functional placement in Indian architecture or sculpture was linked to cosmic form of Godliness. Ages pass by, yet the traditional buildings stand tall and strong, echoing the divine vibrations, testing the patience of ever diminishing time.

Indian sculptures vanished with the passage of time, but their sculptures live vibrantly; Granites are brought to life by giving their lives to them. Ages pass by, yet beauty never leaves the chiseled rocks.

Indian painting skills still remain on the walls of temples, on the rocks of caves. Tanjavur, Lepakshi, Kalankari, Rajasthan, Ajanta & Ellora and Mughal paintings reflect the unique Indian style of artistic presentation.

In Ancient India every housewife was a seeming painter. From making the wonderful drawings on the ground at the threshold of the house every morning to painting the sarees and clothes with magnificent dyes; from beautifully decorating the idols of deities with colours and puja rooms to furnishing the house with attractive paintings, Indian women excelled in the art of painting.

Great Indian painters : Raja Ravi Varma, Amruta Shergil and Bapu do stand as the legends of Indian Painting.


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