27. Sound Secrets

During the 17th century Galileo, had postulated that sound travels in waves. Afterwards, many scientists have done extensive research on the properties of sound waves. They had found many utilities by using sound vibrations. Ultra Sonics, Echo-graphy, Radio etc. are the modern applications of the sound waves.

Ancient Indians had also utilized sound energy in various ways. Indians knew the secrets of sound and made extensive use of them in many day-to-day activities.

When ancient Indian literature declares that this universe had come out from the first breath of God, it's about the first vibration of that cosmic energy, the first explosion (Maha visphotam in Sanskrit), the modern Big bang theory.

Indians used the sound energy in many ways; Indian classical music is nothing but an applied science of sound energy. Melodious music charms snakes; Wild animals get tamed; Cows give excess milk; Plants blossom with flowers; Trees bear fruits; Rains pour out; Nature responds with joy; Lamps can be lit just by the melody of the music; many a disease can be cured through the science of music, it is an application of sound vibrations. The knowledge of mantras is again an applied aspect of sound. Ancient Indians played with sound, enjoyed sound and protected themselves with sound vibrations.


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