65. The Grandeur of India Spiritual Excellence

World has come closer and has become one global village....but as individuals, we are drifting apart. We are very much connected in this info-age, yet are its remote citizens.

We are the lonely beasts of this electronic jungle of the 21st century; Bio machines of ensuing cloning age. Career and colleague come in between husband & wife conflict ensue; In-laws trouble the inlaws and their hearts are broken; kids grow up in "TV-Duniyas" and "Internet Ecstasies"; virtually children become living toys in ego games played by elders; bequeathing the future citizens, the legacy of stressful future, strained relations and promising world of competition and envy.

Science is not concerned about attitudinal excellence in human behaviour for that matter with spiritual aspects. Commercial viability supercedes the artistic abilities and talents; Human distress gets a corporate hospitality and concern. Even medical attention is a package. Concrete jungles continue to hamper the eco balance and bio unity.

Our Ancient Indian seers had an answer to this problem. Their search was inwards. The seers went deep into the core of our being and discovered the ultimate spiritual reality, which brings the joy of openness into our living. The Upanishads are replete with the knowledge of Self. Indian spiritual excellence is the grandeur of Upanishads.


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