30. String Theory

Modern science is yet to conclude that sub atomic particles like quark particles and lepton particles are basic building blocks of the universe.

Reason for this is that scientists could unite three of the four fundamental forces of interaction among subatomic particles, they are:
1. Electro - Magnetic Forces
2. Strong Nuclear Forces
3. Weak Nuclear Forces

By uniting the three forces, scientists could study the behaviour and properties of quark and lepton particles. Yet they could not unite the forth fundamental force i.e. gravitational force with the other three forces in studying the behaviour pattern of subatomic particles.

During the last years of the 20th century, scientists had proposed a new theory called string theory. According to that, quarks and leptons are not particles. They are the subtle vibrating strings with closed and open loops. The gigantic star and minutest quark string are connected through a super string. Hence the whole universe is being considered as one unit by the most modern concepts of science. This theory facilities the study of all the four fundamental forces of interactions.

Indian perceptive:

In Vedas in Sata Pata Brahmana it is said that sun and the entire universe are connected in a string. That string is Vayu. Please note that Vayu is not gas or air according to Vedic meaning. Veda Nirukta defines as one that pervades everything.

Ancient Indian knowledge recognized everything in the universe as one consciousness and cultured our minds in that direction. There is huge literature to support this fact. Modern science is also reaching the same conclusions.


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