108. Sugar's Sweet History

Producing sugar from sugarcane is an Indian invention. Since Vedic times, Indians know this art of producing sugar. In Sanskrit sugar is called "Syakarah", in Arabic it had become "Shaker", in Latin it is called "Sacrum" in German it is called "Zucker" in French it is "Sucere" in English had become sugar. And thus India's syakarah had finally become sugar.

Greek had first come to known from Indians the usage of sugar. Greek Chronicles during Alexander's interaction with India, had described sugarcane as a crop that produces honey without honeybees. Till the advent of the 13th century, sugar was a luxurious item in Europe and was heavily imported from India. Chinese also had learnt the skills of producing sugar from the sugarcane crop of Indians.

Portugese, Spanish & Italian merchants had introduced sugarcane crop in the countries of Africa, South America and West Indies, after learning it in India.


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