4. Who Goes Around Whom, Earth vs Sun?

Heliocentric theory of our solar system was first propounded by Copernicus in 1453. He propounded that the Sun is the centre of our universe and all the planets revolve around it. As it was against the views of the Holy Bible, he had been persecuted. Afterwards in the year 1632 Galileo, supported this view and became a sinner in the eyes of Church.

But, Indian perception about our solar system is clearly stated in Vedas and other oriental Astronomical texts.

Ancient Vedic knowledge is very lucid in its expression about Sun being the centre of our Universe (Solar System).

He had also accurately calculated the diameter of the Earth.
      (Aryabhatattiyam, Chapter 1-sloka five)

Let us analyse few Vedic verses in this regard,


Sun, with his attracting force is holding this earth and the other celestial bodies.

      (Rigveda 1.164.1)

All the celestial bodies (Planets) are moving in elliptical orbits.

      (Rigveda 10.189.1)

Moon being the sub planet of earth, is revolving around its motherly planet earth and earth is revolving around its fatherly planet sun.


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