7. Scaling The Eternal Time

As the Time flies eternally, events fly with it and get absorbed in it. Every moment of this eternal time remains precious and puzzles us in everyway. The Western world had tried to scale the time in many ways and times (occasions),

Even, ancient Indians measured the time; their methods of measurement varied , but their calculations remained precise, systematic and accurate. From smallest unit of time "liptha" to the largest unit of time "Yugas" and "kalpas", our ancestors had calculated and measured the time with all aptness and skill.

In the Western concepts of time, only the measure of year had been logically deduced; other units of time like day, week, month etc., are precisely determined. Indians measured the time by relatively determining the movements of celestial objects, like planets, stars against the Earth's motion and thus evolved the unit of measurements of time.Based on celestial movements of sun and moon, Indians had invented additional measures like "Adhika masa" (additional months) for making adjustments and for maintaining accuracy.


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