19. Traditional Agricultural Expertise

India is the cradle for Agriculture. Knowledge of Agriculture and its evolution as Agricultural Science can be traced from Rig Veda. It reveals to us how one has to prepare oneself for ploughing the fields and the ritual involved in it.

Rig Veda extols Sun not only as God, but also recognizes Sun as the source of light, for all the living beings. It explains the water cycle, how water evaporates because of sunlight and how these vapours become clouds and reach the earth as rains.

At various instances, RigVeda gives us the knowledge of Green skills and Cattle Science that are required by a farmer.

Famous Indian Agricultural Science Texts:

Many ancient Indian texts had described various methods of agriculture, ploughing, seed cultivation, water storage, varieties of soil, measurement of rainfall, storage of crop yield etc. The famous texts are being listed below:

S. No. Text Author Text
1. Rigveda - Vedic times
2. Artha Sastra Kautilya 4th century BC
3. Krishi Parasara Parasara 1st century BC
4. Agni Purana Vyasa "
5. Bhrhat-samhita Varahamihira 5th century AD
6. Krishisukta Kashyapa 9th century AD
7. Vriksha Ayurveda Surapala 10th century AD
8. Manasonullasa Someswara 11th century AD
9. Upavana vinoda Sarangadhara 13th century AD


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