54. Transport System During Vedic Times

Modern systems of transport, do find a mention in Vedic literature. They have been explained in clear terms. Logical conclusion of those descriptions drives us to splendour of awe and wonder about the advanced technological knowledge possessed by the ancient Indians during Vedic times.


Roads of cities as mentioned in Vedas were segregated for three services,

For pedestrians, for bullock carts and vehicles (rathas) that run at different speeds;

In a verse of Yajur Veda (9-8), there is a description about the vehicle that uses a machine and runs with a jet speed.


In a mantra of Rig Veda (1-37-1) we find a mention about a sports car.

There were also mass transport systems prevailing at that time. In Atharva Veda verse (20-76-2) mentions about a sort of public transport system resembling bus or train.

The words like "steam generating" vehicle, "magnetic powered" vehicle, "solar energy fueled" vehicle mentioned in Vedas cannot be ignored. Please note that the modern inventions of machinery run vehicles are of recent origin (say only 200 years old).



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