15. Tulasi - The Wonder Herb

Tulasi redeems us from all sins. Tulasi provides us with all the wealth. Tulasi and Indian families have sym-biotic relationship. A house without Tulasi plant is like a temple without deity.

Since ancient times in every Indian household, Tulasi occupies a prominent place. Every backyard of the Indian house is adorned with Tulasi Fort (structure that is built around tulasi). Indians believe Tulasi as an incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi. Indians worship the holy Basil (Tulasi) every day at a prescribed time.

Modern research:

1. It reduces glucose levels and is being used to cure Diabetics
2. It reduces cholesterol levels
3. As a Cox-2 Inhibitor, it is being used as a pain reliever in cancer treatment
4. To store food grains

Certain Vishnu devotees do not use Tulasi as a medicinal herb and consider it as a sacred plant.

Tulasi beeds are used in Japa and Meditation. Garlands of fresh Tulasi leaves are offered to deities in temples every day.

In Agastya Samhita it is said that, by planting Tulasi, watering Tulasi, worshiping Tulasi, rather touching Tulasi, one obtains moksha, the enlightenment.

Hindus believe that Tulasi plant contains all the holy rivers, all the Vedas and all the deities. Persons on the deathbed are watered with "Tulasi Tirtha" by pouring a few drops into the mouth. It is believed that, Tulasi purifies them from sins and gives them better positions (circumstances) in the next life.


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