16. Long drawn battles for Turmeric and Neem

A few European and American based multi-national companies claim that they own the knowledge about Turmeric and Neem as medicinal products, as they have patented them.


During the decade (1995-2005), Indian voluntary organizations, Indian Governmental institutions and a few intellectuals of Indian origin had waged fierce intellectual battles with US patent offices and multi-national companies.

It became a herculean task to convince them that usage of Neem and Turmeric as medicinal herbs is known to Indians since ancient times and had mentioned extensively in Ayurvedic texts. Not only Neem & Turmeric but also Lemon, Guava, Amla and many such Ayurvedic medicines are being subjected to similar destiny.

Once we (Indians) were ridiculed, belittled and disparaged as charm healers of blind faith for using Neem leaves and Turmeric. Today after understanding their potential medicinal value, these Western companies, patent them and bar us from using them.



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