91. The Science of Vaastu For Harmonious Living

Today Western world is crazy about many Indian sciences. Among them Yoga, Ayurveda and Vaastu occupy the central stage of attraction & importance.

Advanced building technology has recognized the importance of green building concepts and eco-friendly houses. Engineers, architects and environmentalists are building pressure on various governments to bring suitable amendments to building laws & statutes wherein houses and buildings are built in tune with the nature & environment.

Ancient Indian knowledge never went against the nature but always understood the nature and synchronized itself with nature.

Vaastu Shastra synchronizes various energy points, energy lines and energy grids of Mother Nature with energy fields of the dwelling house. It balances the energy flow by adhering to certain Vaastu principles.

Ancient Indians recognized the dwelling place as the living organism and evolved the knowledge of Vaastu. Vas meaning "to be" or "to live".

Hindu temples are built according to Agama Shastra, Vaastu Shastra and Jyotish Dhastra. Hindus consider the temples as a place of "divine vibrations". They go to temple not just to worship the diety but also to get charged themselves with divine vibrations.


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