Support Anna Hazare

A decisive battle against corruption has begun. The fight is not against any political party. The fight is against corruption.

The government’s Lokpal Bill covers about 0.5% of public servants, yet it brings under its ambit virtually every citizen’s group and organization, registered or unregistered, meant to serve the social sector. This raises a pertinent question – whom is the Lokpal really targeted at?

Under this bill, a public servant accused of corruption is allowed to turn around and file a lawsuit against the complainant accusing him of filing a frivolous complaint. The government will provide a free advocate to the accused to help prove the citizen was wrong, while the citizen has to fend for himself. If the complain proves to be frivolous, the minimum sentence for the citizen is 2 years. But if the corruption charges are proved, the minimum sentence for the public servant is just 6 months!

Will then any citizen dare raise a voice against corruption? Will you?

Do you feel the government bill is dangerous?
Will you also oppose it?


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fight against corruption is not only make Indian mindset clean. but it will clean structure of developing nation to powerful nation. together we can make difference by eradicating the cancer of corruption virus .Jai hind..

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The main causes of corruption in India are:

1. Continuation of confused Nehruvian Socialism for the last a few decades and hypocrisy of current Liberalism when large scale leaking subsidies still continue.

2. Weak and ineffective Local governments inspite of Amendments 73 and 74 to Constitution of India

3. Fixed and purchased vote bank with manipulated Voters lists.

4. Rusted and fargile steel frame of outdated colonial model of IAS Bureaucracy.

5. Our fundamental rules in governance, Police, Co-operative and other welfare Societies etc are still based on 1860 Act as amended but not implemented.

6. Our private schools/colleges obtain signatures for higher UGC scale salary but pay nearly 50% of the amount. Thus Corrupt teachers/Professors/ management etc are running the schools/colleges.

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Mrs Sonia gandhi (vincci) 5th std educated - Italian citizen name - Antonia Maino - was a waitress in USA and then sales executive in UK - holds a fake degree in English of Cambridge University - this is the qualification of the lady, who is ruling India (beneficiary of 6 biggest scam in Indian history including Bofors, KGB , 2G , equity sales fraud, Hawala and Swiss accounts)... and her son Rahul, with 3 cases outside, India caught high on cocaine and had failed in Hindi who uses his mothers surname outside India and holds dual passports which is a big crime... Having a Columbian girlfriend, whose is a daughter of a drug mafia... Think... Jai Bharat..... Please spread this so people get to know the reality about our CONGRESS party.

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Anna means
A-Anti corruption
N -Nonviolence
A Activity

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agreed wid nethra

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Very rightly said.Anna is not name of a person,Anna is awakening of citizens of this country who have been sleeping since independence.Today we need freedom from the clutches of corruption which is eating our country from inside.When we shall be able to do that,we shall be independent in true sense.

-Jai Hind!